Assume Identity in Paragon

Assume Identity allows users to log in to their own Paragon accounts and work through the system as another user. This is a popular feature for admin users who often need to complete work on behalf of an agent.

All office admins and brokers automatically have the “Assume Identity” hyperlink at the top of Paragon, but all other users have access to this functionality as long as they have been granted permission by another user.

Unlicensed Assistants do not have the “Assume Identity” hyperlink until the agent(s) they work for have granted them permission.

Please note that anyone who needs to access Paragon must have their own login credentials. Sharing of login credentials is prohibited.

There is a printable PDF document called “Assume Identity in Paragon” on the Paragon Page in the NEREN Member Portal that you can print out that explains how to set up and use Assume Identity in Paragon, or you can click here to view the tutorial on the NEREN Youtube Channel.