Customizing the Market Monitor

The Market Monitor on Paragon’s Home page is set to show updates for all 4 states (NH, VT, ME, and MA); however, can be customized to show only the updates for your specific market area.


To see New listings, Price and Status Changes, as well as Open Houses for your market area, click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the Market Monitor.

Market Monitor Gear Icon

A pop-up will appear with filters for you to specify an area. You can enter as many States, Counties, and Cities you wish. If you enter just a State, you will see all updates for the entire state. If you specify a county or counties, you will see updates for all cities within that county. Once you specify a city/cities, you will only see updates for that city/cities. Please note that if you include a Village/District/Locale, you will see only that Village/District/Locale (even if you list multiple Cities).


Once you have filtered to your desired area, click “Save” in the top right corner.

Market Monitor Filters

You are also able to change the default “Days Back.” By default, the Market Monitor is set at 0 days back, which will show you all updates from midnight on (today’s updates). You can adjust the Days Back default in this pop-up anywhere between 0 and 7 days back.


On the fly in the Market Monitor, you can go anywhere between 0 and 30 days back by entering that value into the “Days Back” field on the Market Monitor and clicking the “Refresh” button.

Days Back

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