Print and Print+ in Paragon

Using Print and Print+


In Paragon, there are 2 ways to print listings: Print and Print+.

Print and Print+


Selecting “Print” will only print ONE listing and ONE report. In other words, it will print exactly what is on the screen.

Whenever you select more than one listing and wish to print them together and/or print more than one report, you’ll need to select “Print+”.


The system assumes that whatever report you are currently viewing is the report you want to print. If that is not the case, double-click that report from the “Selected Reports” box and it will no longer print that report. Choose the reports you do want to print from the “Available Reports” box by double-clicking each or checking the box and click the “Add” button. You do not have to check the reports in the “Selected Reports” box in order to print; checking the reports is only required to add or remove a report.

Once you have added the report(s) to the “Selected Reports” box, click “Print/Preview” if you wish to preview prior to printing, or click “Print” to print all selected listings at once.