Listing Maintenance Errors & Warnings

Have you received errors or warnings when you try to save a listing?

Errors and Warnings

Errors and Warnings may pop up at the bottom of your listing maintenance screen whenever you have skipped a field or need to verify data you entered.

Warnings are strong suggestions that you refer back to that field and ensure data accuracy. Changes are not required to the data you entered; you may click “Accept” and attempt to save your listing again.

Errors are to notify you that you must refer back to the field and make a change or add data. It is likely a missed required field. Once all Errors are satisifed, you may attempt to save the listing again.

Clicking the “Modify” button for Errors and Warnings will take you directly to to the field so you can easily and quickly make edits.

It is important to note that until Errors and Warnings are satisfied, your listing is NOT saved. Once you click “Save” and select “Save Listing” you will be notified with a pop-up if your listing has been successfully saved.

Saved Listing

If you do not receive this pop-up notification, your listing has not be saved. Look to the bottom of the screen for errors and warnings that must be completed before the listing is saved.