Paragon “Fee” Fields

How to use the Fee Fields in Paragon


Within Paragon’s listing maintenance, there are fields for Fees: “Fee”, “Fee 2” and “Fee 3”. Each fee field includes a “Fee Frequency” and a “Fee Includes” field.
The “Fee,” “Fee 2” and “Fee 3” fields are to provide the dollar amount of fees, for example $150. The “Fee Frequency” fields provide a drop-down menu allowing you to select how often that fee is to be paid, for example “Monthly.” The “Fee Includes” fields provide options for selection to explain the type of fee, for example “Condo Association, ” “HOA” or “Special Assessments.”
Remembering to provide the fee amounts when inputting a listing is important as this information is relevant to buyers. While the list price may be within their range, any fees associated with the property will affect the overall cost to the buyer.