Paragon Tour and Open House

Scheduling Tours and Open Houses


You can schedule tours and open houses to display within Paragon and be included in data feeds to and third party sites. Tours and Open Houses are created within listing maintenance. 
Once a listing is saved, as long it is Active or Active Under Contract, you’ll have the ability to schedule an open house or tour. This can be completed directly from the “Actions” hyperlink in listing maintenance.
You can also click on the MLS number to edit your listing and find the ability to schedule an open house or tour in the panel on the left. 
Open houses and tours are different types of events. A tour is a broker open house and will only be available within Paragon. An open house is a public open house and will be available in Paragon, as well as and third party sites such as Zillow and 
You can find open house and tour details from the “Action Icons” on the spreadsheet or within reports, as well as by running a “Tour and Open House” search via the Search menu, or via your Market Monitor.