Power Search in Paragon

Using the Power Search


Power Search is a search feature available to you no matter where you are in Paragon at the very top of the page.

Power Search can be used to search for several different types of results:

1. MLS Numbers: Type 1-30 MLS numbers separated by a comma

2. Member Contact Information: Type an agent’s name to quickly obtain their phone number, address, and email address (based on information from their member profile)

3. Office Contact Information: Type an office’s name to quickly obtain its phone number and address.

4. Contacts: If you’ve saved a contact in Paragon, enter their name to jump to their profile.

5. Saved Searches: quickly pull up any of your saved searches by typing in the name you assigned it.

The functionality is similar to Google in that as you type, options will appear beneath for selection. A maximum of 10 results in each category will appear. The more you type, the more accurate your results will be.

Power Search

Each section provides a label, which is a hyperlink. In the above example, clicking on “Listings (10)” will take you directly to a spreadsheet to view all 10 results at once.

Hovering over the Power Search will provide you with a tool tip reminding you of what it can be used for. There is also a blue question mark directing you to Paragon’s help site with details regarding Power Search functionality.