Paragon System Enhancements April, 2017

April, 2017 proved to be another busy month for updates and enhancements to Paragon! A comprehensive list is below:

  • “Condo Fees” is a new required field when entering a Condo listing. If “Yes” is selected, “Fee” and “Fee Frequency” are conditionally required.
  • “Date – Available” has been added to Listing Input in the Rental property class.
  • Within the Features – Interior field, the selection of “In-Law Apartment” has been changed to “In-Law/Accessory Dwelling”.
  • “Vacant Land” has been added to Commercial Sale. If “Yes” is selected, Year Built, Basement and Exterior are no longer required fields.
  • The “Foreclosed/Bank Owned/REO field will now be available to go out in datafeeds for use on websites (IDX,, third party).

As previously communicated, the selection of “None” from the Construction Status field within the Structure section of listing maintenance in Paragon is being removed. Going forward, a selection of “None” in this field will deliver an error message to make a different selection.

In the Construction Status field, the following valid selection options are available: Existing, New Construction or Pre-Construction. If you have a listing currently with “None” as a selection, you will be prompted to make a change if you go in to edit your listing.

the NEREN Board of Directors made a change to the rule that requires new listings be available to be shown upon entry into the MLS database. The reason for this change is that the requirement to show a property has been the only barrier keeping certain listings from being entered into the MLS. Examples include when a member signs a listing agreement on a property that is having work done and cannot show the property until the work is complete, or has written authorization from the seller to market the property for a period of time in advance of showings.

In these situations members could not enter the property because our rules require that the property be available to be shown upon submission to the NEREN database. Thus by modifying our showing requirement, additional listings will qualify for entry into NEREN, thus increasing the NEREN compilation, and NEREN’s relevance and value to its members.

This rule will now read as follows (with the underlined being the new change):

Section 2.10 Availability of Listings

Listing brokers shall not misrepresent the availability of access to show or inspect the listed property, and if first showings are delayed (beyond 48 hours of initial listing input), the listing brokers shall indicate the date showings can begin in the designated input field, as well as make a notation of the showings start date into the public remarks field. Then beginning on the date specified and continuing thereafter, the listing shall be available to be shown to all buyers/lessees for so long as the listing remains in an “Active” or “Active Under Contract” status. If a property is temporarily unavailable to be shown to buyers/lessees due to personal reasons of the seller/lessor it shall not be shown to any buyers/lessees during that period of temporary unavailability.

System changes:

  • A new field has been added into listing maintenance called“Delayed Showings”. This field with available selections of Yes or No is non-mandatory and defaulted to No. Thus, for listings that will not have a delayed showing, the system experience for you will be the same as it is for you currently. Meaning that you do not have to do anything different unless you decide to enter a delayed showing start date.
  • If Yes is selected, then entry of a conditionally mandatory “Date – Showings Begin” field will be required.
  • Notation of the showing start date must also be indicated in the public remarks field. (Please recall that all current rules related to public remarks content still apply. If showings will begin at an open house, reference to such is still not permitted in public remarks).
  • Once the Date – Showings Begin field is complete and the listing saved, the date can be changed by contacting NEREN staff.
  • These fields are included in all public data feeds, on the MLS public website (will be visible on website in early May) and on the following Paragon reports and views so far: *Agent Full, *Cust Full, Agent 2 PG Resi, Cust 2 PG Resi, Agnt 1 PG Classic, Collaboration Center (contact portal), Agent 2UP, Agent 1PG Classic Add, Agent 1PG Template.