Paragon System Enhancements May, 2017

  1. City/State have been added to the CC2 email notifications
  2. Default options on CMA Presentation set up are now available within the CMA Preferences Wizard.  This means that you can now set your default options on the Comparable Report, CMA Summary, CMA Comparable Property Statistics and CMA Seller’s Net Sheet.
  3. The Tax Autofill tool on CMA is now linking appropriately to our third party public record source, CRS.
  4. All references to “Client Connect” has been removed from the system; it now reflects “Collaboration Center” everywhere.
  5. The duplicate display of the Status field in the Collaboration Center was fixed.
  6. City/State was added to listing views in the Collaboration Center on Mobile.
  7. Fixed an issue within the Collaboration Center portals that were not resetting correctly; specifically previously sorted listings were not retained causing the user to resort each time they accessed the portal.
  8. Fixed an issue where a listings were displaying twice in Power Search.
  9. Changed accepted values in Max Width and Max Length in Boat Facility to handle XXX.XX as opposed to XX only
  10. Added selection of “Reservoir” to Water Body Type

In addition, all Listing Input Forms were updated on May 17th to reflect system changes and enhancements!

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