New Features in CRS

CRS is the public records database integrated into Paragon. You come across CRS when entering your listings and reviewing results. You can access the database by clicking the “Tax” menu in Paragon and selecting “CRS:Property Search” or in the Member Benefits section of the NEREN Dashboard.
The data available in CRS comes from the counties and towns. Some features available to you are obtaining current owner, mortgage history and other tax records, as well as a map showing FEMA Flood Zones and recent sales in an area, and also creating mailing labels.
Another feature is a quick CMA. CRS will automatically find comps based on a property you searched for; however, you also have the ability to run a search and obtain your own comps for a quick CMA. In running your own search, the most recent CRS update allows you to include up to 3 specific listings.
CRS Custom Comps
Here you can run a search based on price range, sale date, style and more, as well as select specific properties to include as comps.
CRS Add Props
As you type, options will appear for selection, as long as the addresses you are searching for are in the same county as your original property.
Once you run the search, you’ll find results that include the 1-3 properties you chose, as well as what the system found based on your search criteria.
A second update allows you to customize the order of columns in the result views. Simply click and hold on the headers of each column to drag and drop to your preferred order.
CRS Results Headers
At the bottom of the list, you can print or export the data and it will display in you preferred order.
For more information on the features available within CRS, be sure to watch CRS Overview on Youtube or access the Help Topics available within CRS.

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