Big Maps Update Notice from Paragon

NEREN MLS Staff have received this update from Paragon regarding the changes in behavior with BING maps within the Paragon software. Please read their notice below.

Dear MLS Customers,

The Bing Map service used in the Paragon MLS system was updated to the Version 8 with the Paragon 5.59 release. This change was mandatory as previous versions are no longer supported by Microsoft as of June 30, 2017 (

To keep you updated, here are the issues and their current status:

1. Bird’s Eye Views are not displaying in certain locations

This is a direct result of a decision by Microsoft to remove outdated imagery in Bing for Bird’s Eye views some 10+ years old.  See Microsoft statement as follows:

“Birdseye imagery is currently not available in Bing Maps V8. The migration guide doesn’t mention Birdseye imagery but it does state that anything that isn’t mentioned is planned to be in the V8 control. Currently the Birdseye imagery in Bing Maps V7 is very old, some images are 10+ years old. This is one of the highest points of customer dissatisfaction that we have. We have collected a lot of new imagery, but it still needs to be processed so that it can be exposed to the V8 map control.

Additionally we are creating a new user experience around Birdseye as the current experience isn’t as fluid as it can be and is an issue for many. Processing the imagery takes several months to do. Developing the new user experience will also take a few months.” 

Note:  No additional updates were available from Microsoft at the time of this communication.

2. Automatic View

Microsoft removed the Automatic View with Bing v8. Instead of removing that option throughout the Paragon interface, BK MLS matched the Automatic View to the Road View.  This will allow us to retain the Automatic View as we begin the project to convert to the Google Mapping solution through the end of 2017.

3. Navigation Controls

The controls in the upper right hand corner which allowed the end user to click to pan in any Direction was removed with the V8 release. This was especially useful when drawing shapes close to the edge of the screen.  Work is underway to recreate the Bing Pan control previously used in the older version of Bing map.

In addition to the items above, it has come to our attention that Internet Explorer 11 users attempting to print in Paragon are, in some cases, receiving an error. This has been acknowledged by Microsoft as a known issue with the June 2017 security update for Windows.

Microsoft is researching this problem and will post more information in their article when available. To learn more, please visit the link below:


Black Knight MLS Solutions

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