CRS – Bing Map V8 is here

The latest version of Bing Maps has brought some new features. A couple of really cool ones are the Streetside view and a Freehand drawing tool.

Similar to Google’s StreetView, Bing’s Streetside provides a 360-degree panorama of street-level scenes.

To see it in action you first need to be viewing a map. From here select the view icon then choose STREETSIDE:CRS Streetside

A little dude will appear and the streets light up in blue. The blue means STREETSIDE view is available. Select (click or tap) on any street highlighted in blue:CRS Streetside Dude

Et voilà! It’s as if you are standing in the middle of the street!CRS Streetview

Freehand drawing
Time to sharpen your drawing skills. Previously when selecting an area on our maps you were limited to a rectangle, a circle (radius) or a polygon shape. With the freehand tool, all you have to do is draw the shape. Give it try by selecting FREEHAND from the search icon.CRS Freehand

To begin drawing either click and drag with your mouse or use your finger on a touchscreen. CRS Freehand Draw

One last thing.
Microsoft is still working on the Birdseye view in Bing Map V8.  This means a few things.
One: it is only available in some areas and won’t be included in the View options where it isn’t.
Two: where it is available and you are viewing it, the CRS Map Layers aren’t available
Three: if Birdseye is selected as your default map view in PROFILE & SETTINGS but it isn’t available in the area you are viewing then the Road view will display.
Four: Automatic is no longer available as a map view. Reminder: Automatic would alternate between Aerial, Birdseye, or Road depending on your zoom level and area


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