Paragon Enhancements – August, 2017

The following changes and enhancements were implemented in Paragon during the month of August:

  • The Collaboration Center welcome email a client/customer receives will be significantly improved; many of the updates to the email are based on NEREN member feedback to improve the overall look and feel of these communications.
  • Searches completed within Paragon will now display a time stamp which includes the date and time that search was completed, another NEREN request.
  • Improvements to Listing Input/Maintenance includes:   – The “Save” button will be highligted in green so as to make it stand out better,

    – The message received by the user will be enhanced to indicate additional steps the user may wish to take on the listing, such as uploading photos, attachments or linking to Supra.

– The quick actions that are available in the actions drop-down will be added to               regular LIM for quicker access to these functions.

  • The required fields to complete a CMA will be changing; currently if a field is required in LIM, it is required in the CMA tool. Now, only_______ (TBD after I hear back from team) will be required when entering a CMA.
  • The requirement to include Date – MLS List and Date – Expiration when entering a partial listing will be removed.
  • Members will now have the ability to access statistical reports for members who are outside of their Firm/Office.
  • New Selections of “Townhouse” and “None” were added to the Property Type field in the Rental Property Class.

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