Paragon Enhancements – September, 2017

During the month of September, the following changes took place within Paragon:

Green fields: In an ongoing effort to ensure the NEREN(R) MLS provides you the most resources to effectively market your Green listings, we have completed the modifications to the latest RESO data standards, as follows:

In all property classes a new ‘bucket’ has been added in listing maintenance called “Power Production“. The two sets of fields contained herein are related to Photovoltaics (Solar) and wind, as follows:

Power Production Type

Mount Location

Mount Type

Power Production Size

Power Production Annual

Power Production Annual Status

Power Production Year Install

Power Production Verification Source

In addition, another new ‘bucket’ has been added in all property classes except land called “Green Mktg & 3rd Party Ver.” which is short for “Green Marketing & Third Party Verification’s”. The three sets of Green Verification Program fields have been moved out of the “Features” bucket and placed herein, along with the following new green marketing fields:

Green Energy Efficient

Green Energy Generation

Green Indoor Air Quality

Green H20 (Water) Sustainability

Green H20 (Water) Conservation

With the addition of these fields, we also created new report views called “AGNT Green” and “CUST Green” for all property classes. This is located in the Details folder when you click on the “Reports” button within Paragon. These new report views contain all the relevant Green fields on the first page of the report.

Other system enhancements this month include:

Expanded service area to now allow the entry of listings in the State of Rhode Island

Added a selection of “None” to the “Restrictions” field

On a Spreadsheet view, the system now reflects a value in the “Price – Previous” field

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