Press Release – Auto-Population of PV Data

October 31, 2017

Concord, NH – The New England Real Estate Network that operates the NEREN® MLS is pleased to announce the launch of a pilot program to auto-populate Photovoltaics data into the MLS database.

Working with the PV Learning Network for more than a year, with the assistance of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Energy Futures Group and the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, the NEREN® MLS was able to obtain a public data source of Photovoltaic data for Vermont properties from the Energy Action Network’s Community Energy Dashboard and the Vermont Public Service Department.

CRS Data, NEREN’s tax data software provider, worked to match the PV data to their existing property records so that the PV data could be incorporated into the already existing auto-population process that was in place with NEREN’s Paragon MLS software.

“NEREN has the vision and dedication to be the first MLS in the US to implement PV Auto-Pop”, says Ben Hoen, Research Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and co-author of Capturing the Sun: A Roadmap for Navigating Data Access Challenges and Auto-Populating Solar Home Sales Listings, a DOE SunShot Initiative supported project.  “Berkeley Lab is working with a number of states and MLSs to make the Roadmap a reality, including NEREN in Vermont.  We expect that NEREN’s leadership will encourage other MLSs to follow suit, especially those in areas where there are high densities of solar homes.”

“NEREN has taken the first step toward implementing PV Auto-Population functionality for their Realtor network,” says Leslie Badger, Lead Energy Analyst at Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC) and contributor to the Home Energy Information Labeling Exchange (HELIX) project.  “HELIX, funded by the U.S. DOE, is a project to create a database of home energy information with auto-pop functionality serving the Northeast region MLS’s.  The PV Auto-Pop work NEREN has undertaken is part of a larger and growing collaboration between the renewable and energy efficiency industries and the real estate industry.  Integrating data about renewable energy systems and high performing home certifications will allow homeowners to identify homes in their market that have features consistent with lower cost of ownership as well as greater comfort and durability.  Populating the MLS with this data is also key to enabling appraisers to appropriately value these high performing energy features. VEIC looks forward to continued work with NEREN to expand the dataset of energy information in the MLS.”

The New England Real Estate Network is the primary MLS for all of NH and VT, and available for entry of properties located in NH, VT, ME, MA, and RI.

Meg Garabrant, Director of Marketing & Communications at the NEREN® MLS says “We have made significant improvements to our MLS software over the years to be RESO compliant and provide data fields that are relevant to our local real estate marketplace. Our database was ready to pilot the PV auto-population functionality, and we look forward to participation in the beta test for the HELIX project as well”. At the NEREN® MLS Meg oversees third party integrations, product, and member training & education. She is responsible for ensuring RESO field compliance and she has been greening the MLS since 2008. Meg is Chair of the CMLS Green Section Council.

For more information or to learn more about this pilot program, please contact Meg Garabrant at or by phone at 603-228-9733.

1 thought on “Press Release – Auto-Population of PV Data

  1. Jeffrey Gephart

    It’s great to have a partner like NEREN here in the northeast that understands the importance of renewable energy and energy efficiency information and that has become a national leader in the green the MLS effort. Congratulations to Meg, Liz, Joe, and the whole NEREN team.



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