Paragon Enhancements – November 2017

Based on member feedback, the following enhancements have been made to the Paragon system during the month of November, 2017:

1. Added the following selections to “Electric” under the Land Property Class:
• Energy Storage Device
• Net Meter
• Solar PV Third Party Owned
• Wind Turbine Seller Owned
• Wind Turbine Third Party Owned

2. Removed the following selections from the “Electric” field for the Residential, Commercial Sale, Commercial Lease, Multi Family & Rental Property Classes (Please use the selections in “Electric” and “Power Production”. Data was mapped accordingly.):
• Solar PV
• Solar PV Ground Mount
• Solar PV – Roof Mount
• Wind/Solar

3. Additional selections added to the County, City, Village/District/Locale, School – District, School – High, School – Jr. High/Middle & School – Elementary fields; all representing options available in the State of Connecticut.

4. New Listing Report view: Admin 1PG: This report is available in all property classes, constructed with the general office admin in mind. It is very similar to the 1PG G2 reports, but has a different “Prepared By” in order to highlight the office not the member printing the report. This allows for collective printing by any office staff member. This report can all be found in the “Details” section under the “Reports” drop-down.

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