Showing Time Basic – New Paragon Integration

We are pleased to announce the release of Showing Time Basic, a free showing service that may be used by NEREN members to set up showings directly from within Paragon.

To begin using Showing Time Basic on your listings, update the “Showing Service” field located under the “Occupant/Showing Information” section in Listing Input Maintenance to “Showing Time”:


Once Showing Time has been selected and saved on the listing, the Showing Time icon will be visible within minutes on the listing in two locations:

Under the Action Icons on a Spreadsheet View:


As well as just under the photo on the Listing Reports:

To schedule a showing, simply click the “S” or “Request Showing” button and a pop-up will appear which will allow the request to be made. Upon hitting “Send Request”, an email will be sent to the Listing Agent.
The Listing Agent will receive an email like the one below and will have the ability to reply directly back to the member who submitted the request. (Please note, the email is originated from “” so be sure to add this to your list of safe senders).


For members who may have an established (paid) relationship with Showing Time, and are utilizing the full version of this product, there will be no changes to your Showing Time experience.

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