Introducing Homesnap – A Free Member Benefit!

The NEREN® MLS is pleased to announce a new free member benefit – Homesnap!

Homesnap is a third party real estate search platform to explore homes and search real estate listings online at or from a mobile phone, via the Homesnap app! We are pleased to announce the availability of NEREN listing data to members in Homesnap as of Wednesday, January 24, 2018!
In addition to providing an app or website experience, the information available to a consumer is also different from that of an agent of a participating MLS as described below.
The Agent Experience:
Known as Homesnap Pro, an agent of NEREN may set up their Agent Account and have access to Active, Active Under Contract, Pending and Closed MLS listings in real-time, and many other agent-only features that will be highlighted in future communications. Because ‘Pro’ is only for agents of participating MLS’s, no action is required for your listings to be available in Homesnap Pro. This information is available in the Homesnap App, or by logging into the website.
Some of the Agent-only features of Homesnap Pro include:
  • Access MLS data on the go with the Homesnap Pro app
  • Instant info on any property, not just listings
  • Message within Homesnap to communicate and share properties with clients and other agents
  • Branded version of Homesnap for your clients and contacts
  • Your listing, your lead
  • Homesnap’s Safety Timer provides an added layer of protection when meeting unfamiliar prospects
  • And much more. Click here to learn more about Homesnap.
 You will also notice two new tiles on your NEREN Dashboard for Homesnap:
Homesnap Icons on Dashboard
The Consumer Experience:
Consumers have the option of going to or to download and use the Homesnap app to search for Active and Active Under Contract listings. If you wish for your listing(s) to be available to consumers for search and display via Homesnap, you will need to authorize the MLS to distribute your listing(s) to Homesnap. As with other third party websites, the office first has to opt-in to permit your listings to be distributed to Homesnap. If your office has opted-in, and you wish for your listing to be available for search in Homesnap, you will need to select “Yes” in the Data Authorizations section of listing maintenance in Paragon.
How do I learn more about Homesnap?
Additional information can be found on the Homesnap page under Member Benefits in your Member Portal by clicking here. In addition, there are NEREN specific webinar training events that have been posted on the NEREN Training Calendar, or you can click on a link below to register. You can also visit the Homesnap Pro University anytime!
Training Dates:
Homesnap Pro 101 – January 30, 2018 10:00 – 11:30 AM
Homesnap Pro 101 – February 2, 2018 3:00 – 4:30 PM
What if I have questions?
Homesnap Pro Customer Support is available as follows:
Mon – Fri 9AM – 9PM
Sat – 9AM – 7PM
Sun – 10AM – 5PM
Phone: (866) 855-2622

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