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Paragon Enhancements – January 2018

Based on member feedback, the following enhancements have been made to the Paragon system during the month of January 2018:

Listing Input Forms have all been updated to reflect Paragon enhancements through the month of January! These can be found within Paragon under “MLS Documents”.

MLS Documents

  • A selection of “Solar PV – Seller Owned” has been added to the “Electric” field in the Land Property Class.
  • The following selections have been added to the “Fetures – Interior” field in the Residential and Rental Property Classes:
    • Coin Laundry
    • Common Heating/Cooling
  • The following selections have been added to the “Features – Exterior” field in the Residential, Rental and Multi-Family Property Classes:
    • Beach Access
    • Boat Launch
    • Dry Dock
  • A new field, “Association Amenities” has been added to the Residential, Rental, Land and Multi-Family Property Classes and has the following selections:
    • Basketball Court
    • Beach Access
    • Beach RIghts
    • Boat Launch
    • Boat Mooring
    • Boat Slip/Dock
    • Building Maintenance
    • Club House
    • Coin Laundry
    • Common Acerage
    • Common Heating/Cooling
    • Day Berth
    • Day Dock
    • Docks
    • Dry Berth
    • Dry Dock
    • Elevator
    • Exercise Facility
    • Golf
    • Golf Course
    • Hot Tub
    • Landscaping
    • Management Plan
    • Master Insurance
    • Other
    • Playground
    • Pool – Above Ground
    • Pool – In-Ground
    • Pool – Indoor
    • Recreation Facility
    • RV Parking
    • Sauna
    • Security
    • Snow Removal
    • Storage – Indoor
    • Tennis Court
    • Trash Removal
  • The “Amenities” field has been removed from the database and the data from that field have been transferred to the appropriate selections in the Association Amenities, Features – Interior, Features – Exterior, Lot Description and Utilities field.

Paragon Enhancements – December 2017

  • Share Listings on Facebook – You now have the ability to share your listings directly to Facebook from the Listing Input Maintenance Quick Actions menu options. The posted listing includes the primary photo, a portion of the public remarks, and a link to the Detail report in Collaboration Center. Note: The agent must have a Collaboration Center URL set up in Preferences > Collaboration Center Wizard for the Detail report link to function.
  • Email Retention – to enhance system performance emails that are sent automatically from the Paragon system will be retained for 90 days. Manual emails will continue to be retained for 180 days.
  • Collaboration Center Updates:
    • Listing photos will now include the labels and descriptions from Paragon
    • When making a comment to your contact via the Collaboration Center, this information will be included in the email notification they receive
    • The thumbnail view of listings has been updated to exclude Bedrooms/Bathrooms in irrelevant property classes
  • CUST 2PG RESI COLOR: This report is for the Residential Property Class only, is suitable for Public Use, and complements the existing AGNT 2PG RESI COLOR report. The confidential fields have been removed, all while keeping the same style and color coding of its “sister report.” This report can be found in the “Details” section under the “Reports” drop-down.
  • The following selections have been added to the “Equipment” field in the Residential and Rental Property Classes:
  • Stove – Wood
  • Stove – Coal
  • Stove – Gas
  • Stove – Pellet
  • The following selection has been added to the “Style” field in the Residential, Rental and Multi-Family Property Classes: Tiny Home
  • The following selections have been added to the “Appliances” field in the Residential and Rental Property Classes:
  • Wine Cooler
  • Ice-Maker – Stand Alone

Showing Time Basic – New Paragon Integration

We are pleased to announce the release of Showing Time Basic, a free showing service that may be used by NEREN members to set up showings directly from within Paragon.

To begin using Showing Time Basic on your listings, update the “Showing Service” field located under the “Occupant/Showing Information” section in Listing Input Maintenance to “Showing Time”:


Once Showing Time has been selected and saved on the listing, the Showing Time icon will be visible within minutes on the listing in two locations:

Under the Action Icons on a Spreadsheet View:


As well as just under the photo on the Listing Reports:

To schedule a showing, simply click the “S” or “Request Showing” button and a pop-up will appear which will allow the request to be made. Upon hitting “Send Request”, an email will be sent to the Listing Agent.
The Listing Agent will receive an email like the one below and will have the ability to reply directly back to the member who submitted the request. (Please note, the email is originated from “” so be sure to add this to your list of safe senders).


For members who may have an established (paid) relationship with Showing Time, and are utilizing the full version of this product, there will be no changes to your Showing Time experience.

Paragon Enhancements – November 2017

Based on member feedback, the following enhancements have been made to the Paragon system during the month of November, 2017:

1. Added the following selections to “Electric” under the Land Property Class:
• Energy Storage Device
• Net Meter
• Solar PV Third Party Owned
• Wind Turbine Seller Owned
• Wind Turbine Third Party Owned

2. Removed the following selections from the “Electric” field for the Residential, Commercial Sale, Commercial Lease, Multi Family & Rental Property Classes (Please use the selections in “Electric” and “Power Production”. Data was mapped accordingly.):
• Solar PV
• Solar PV Ground Mount
• Solar PV – Roof Mount
• Wind/Solar

3. Additional selections added to the County, City, Village/District/Locale, School – District, School – High, School – Jr. High/Middle & School – Elementary fields; all representing options available in the State of Connecticut.

4. New Listing Report view: Admin 1PG: This report is available in all property classes, constructed with the general office admin in mind. It is very similar to the 1PG G2 reports, but has a different “Prepared By” in order to highlight the office not the member printing the report. This allows for collective printing by any office staff member. This report can all be found in the “Details” section under the “Reports” drop-down.

Press Release – Auto-Population of PV Data

October 31, 2017

Concord, NH – The New England Real Estate Network that operates the NEREN® MLS is pleased to announce the launch of a pilot program to auto-populate Photovoltaics data into the MLS database.

Working with the PV Learning Network for more than a year, with the assistance of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Energy Futures Group and the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, the NEREN® MLS was able to obtain a public data source of Photovoltaic data for Vermont properties from the Energy Action Network’s Community Energy Dashboard and the Vermont Public Service Department.

CRS Data, NEREN’s tax data software provider, worked to match the PV data to their existing property records so that the PV data could be incorporated into the already existing auto-population process that was in place with NEREN’s Paragon MLS software.

“NEREN has the vision and dedication to be the first MLS in the US to implement PV Auto-Pop”, says Ben Hoen, Research Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and co-author of Capturing the Sun: A Roadmap for Navigating Data Access Challenges and Auto-Populating Solar Home Sales Listings, a DOE SunShot Initiative supported project.  “Berkeley Lab is working with a number of states and MLSs to make the Roadmap a reality, including NEREN in Vermont.  We expect that NEREN’s leadership will encourage other MLSs to follow suit, especially those in areas where there are high densities of solar homes.”

“NEREN has taken the first step toward implementing PV Auto-Population functionality for their Realtor network,” says Leslie Badger, Lead Energy Analyst at Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC) and contributor to the Home Energy Information Labeling Exchange (HELIX) project.  “HELIX, funded by the U.S. DOE, is a project to create a database of home energy information with auto-pop functionality serving the Northeast region MLS’s.  The PV Auto-Pop work NEREN has undertaken is part of a larger and growing collaboration between the renewable and energy efficiency industries and the real estate industry.  Integrating data about renewable energy systems and high performing home certifications will allow homeowners to identify homes in their market that have features consistent with lower cost of ownership as well as greater comfort and durability.  Populating the MLS with this data is also key to enabling appraisers to appropriately value these high performing energy features. VEIC looks forward to continued work with NEREN to expand the dataset of energy information in the MLS.”

The New England Real Estate Network is the primary MLS for all of NH and VT, and available for entry of properties located in NH, VT, ME, MA, and RI.

Meg Garabrant, Director of Marketing & Communications at the NEREN® MLS says “We have made significant improvements to our MLS software over the years to be RESO compliant and provide data fields that are relevant to our local real estate marketplace. Our database was ready to pilot the PV auto-population functionality, and we look forward to participation in the beta test for the HELIX project as well”. At the NEREN® MLS Meg oversees third party integrations, product, and member training & education. She is responsible for ensuring RESO field compliance and she has been greening the MLS since 2008. Meg is Chair of the CMLS Green Section Council.

For more information or to learn more about this pilot program, please contact Meg Garabrant at or by phone at 603-228-9733.

Paragon Enhancements – October 2017

Based on member feedback, the following enhancements have been made to the Paragon system during the month of October, 2017:

  1. Changed the name of the closing field “Financial Terms” to Financing – Buyer  in the following property classes:  Residential, Multi-Family, Land, Boat Facility, Commercial Sale.
  2. Changed the selection of “Assumption” to “Assumed” under the Financing – Buyer field in the following property classes: Residential, Multi-Family, Land, Boat Facility, Comercial Sale.
  3. Changed the selection of “Private Funding” to “Private” under the Financing – Buyer field in the following property classes: Residential, Multi-Family, Land, Boat Facility, Commercial Sale.
  4. Added additional selections of SBA – 504, Trust Deed, USDA, FHA 203 (k) and FHA 203(b) under the Financing – Buyer field in the following property classes Residential, Multi-Family, Land, Boat Facility, Commercial Sale.
  5. Added a new field non-mandatory field, “Financing – Current” to the following property classes:  Residential, Multi-Family, Land, Boat Facility, Commercial Sale with selections of:
    • Assumable
    • Conventional
    • FHA
    • NHHFA
    • Other
    • Rural Development
    • VA
    • VTFHA
    • Contract
    • FHA 203( b)
    • FHA 203 (k)
    • Leased Renewables
    • None
    • Power Purchase Agreement
    • Private
    • Property – Assessed Clean Energy
    • Trust Deed
    • USDA
  6. Added a new non-mandatory field “Financing – Possible Opt.” to the following property classes:  Residential, Multi-Family, Land, Boat Facility, Commercial Sale with selections of:
    • 1031 Exchange
    • Assumed
    • Cash
    • Contract
    • Conventional
    • FHA
    • Home Equity
    • NHHFA
    • Other
    • Private
    • Rehab Loan
    • Rural Development
    • SBA – 504
    • Seller Financing Possible
    • Trust Deed
    • USDA
    • VA
    • VTFHA
  7. Added new selection of “Cooktop – Induction” to the Appliances field in the Residential & Rental property classes. 
  8. Added new selections of “Garage” & “Barn” to the Property Type field in the Rental property class. 
  9. Added  new selection of “Walkout” to the Basement Description field in the following property classes: Residential, Rental, Commercial Sale, Commercial Lease and Multi-Family.
  10. Changed the selection of “RN on Site” in the Features – Assisted Living to “Licensed Nurse on Site” in the Rental property class. 
  11. Renamed the “Utilities” section in Listing Input Maintenance to “Services” in all property classes.
  12. Renamed the “Lot – Acres” field to “Lot Size Acres” and changed input rule to allow for additional characters to be placed to the right of the decimal.
  13. A warning has been added to the Street Number, Street Name and Street Type fields if a value is missing or inaccurate information is placed in any of the these fields to ensure accuracy of address information. 
  14. Created a new field “Price Previous” that will populate with the most recent list price prior to any price change being made.  Add to your spreadsheet view for price changes at a quick glance. 
  15. Email notifications from the Collaboration Center have been updated to include a responsive design that adjusts for desktop and mobile devices.  
  16. Https photos are now available RETS vendors.
  17. Fixed an issue in LIM on mobile devices that was prohibiting users from seeing errors/warnings.

Paragon Enhancements – September, 2017

During the month of September, the following changes took place within Paragon:

Green fields: In an ongoing effort to ensure the NEREN(R) MLS provides you the most resources to effectively market your Green listings, we have completed the modifications to the latest RESO data standards, as follows:

In all property classes a new ‘bucket’ has been added in listing maintenance called “Power Production“. The two sets of fields contained herein are related to Photovoltaics (Solar) and wind, as follows:

Power Production Type

Mount Location

Mount Type

Power Production Size

Power Production Annual

Power Production Annual Status

Power Production Year Install

Power Production Verification Source

In addition, another new ‘bucket’ has been added in all property classes except land called “Green Mktg & 3rd Party Ver.” which is short for “Green Marketing & Third Party Verification’s”. The three sets of Green Verification Program fields have been moved out of the “Features” bucket and placed herein, along with the following new green marketing fields:

Green Energy Efficient

Green Energy Generation

Green Indoor Air Quality

Green H20 (Water) Sustainability

Green H20 (Water) Conservation

With the addition of these fields, we also created new report views called “AGNT Green” and “CUST Green” for all property classes. This is located in the Details folder when you click on the “Reports” button within Paragon. These new report views contain all the relevant Green fields on the first page of the report.

Other system enhancements this month include:

Expanded service area to now allow the entry of listings in the State of Rhode Island

Added a selection of “None” to the “Restrictions” field

On a Spreadsheet view, the system now reflects a value in the “Price – Previous” field