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Paragon Enhancements April 2019

The following changes were made in Paragon this month:

New Tab Structure – Tabs and sub-tabs within Paragon have been updated with a more modern look. The new tabs will correspond to your selected theme with appropriate color schemes. The intent is to clean up the background, minimize distractions of tabs you’re not using, and to highlight the tab that you’re actually using.


New Map Sub-Tab within Search – Within your full search tool, a new ‘Map’ sub-tab has been added to streamline search results on a map view. Now, rather than selecting a separate report, or clicking the mapping field from search criteria that creates a pop-up, you can now seamlessly see your search results on either a map view, or the traditional spreadsheet view. Search terms can be added to either the Criteria sub-tab, or the Map sub-tab, and results will be updated to reflect your specific search.




Please note: Your map results will default to show based on your saved default address (typically, your office location). To adjust these map search defaults, please go to Preferences > System Preferences > Search Options. There are several adjustments you can make to optimize your map viewing experience.


Voice Recognition for Power Search – A brand new microphone tool has been added to Power Search within Paragon. Now, instead of typing a search into power search, you can click the microphone button right within power search and dictate verbally what you’d like to search. Permission needs to be granted by you for the microphone to be used on your device by Paragon. It does NOT record when not in use. Within Chrome, a red recording button will show on the Paragon tab when a recording is happening. Please note: This tool is currently optimized only for Google Chrome Browsers on desktop devices and Apple or Android mobile devices. Future browser support is TBD.


Last Quick Search and Load Saved Search Added to Quick Search – For Quick Search users, upgrades have been made to include some familiar features. You can now easily find the last search you made and add those same criteria again with one click. For searches that you use most frequently, you can also save a quick search with that criteria, and again, can refresh a search of that criteria with one click. Please note: Quick Search is a Multi Class search. When running a full search under Multi Class, you will be able to see your saved quick searches included in those saved multi class searches. This does not function with the other individual property classes.

8 and 910

RatePlug in Collaboration Center – For those of you that use the RatePlug service, a new feature within the Collaboration Center is now available. When a contact is viewing a listing, the ‘Share’ button (a square with arrow pointing out) will direct the user to a set of options. One will now be a RatePlug tool that shows the contact mortgage information about the specific property that they’re viewing.


Paragon Enhancements March 2019

The following changes were made in the Paragon system this month:

  1. ‘Exterior Access’ and ‘Interior Access’ selections were added to the ‘Basement Description’ field for all property classes, excluding Land and Boat Facility.
  2. ‘Dryer – Gas’ selection was added to the ‘Appliances’ field for Residential and Rental property classes. The same selection was added to ‘Unit # Info” field for Multi-Family property class.
  3. ‘Block w/ Skim Coating’ and ‘Stone w/ Skim Coating’ selections were added to ‘Foundation’ field for all property classes, excluding Land and Boat Facility.
  4. The Homebot integration within Paragon is now in place. To learn more about Homebot, click here.

Paragon Enhancements February 2019

The following changes and enhancements were made in the Paragon system this month:

1. Map-based Search Default Zoom Level – You can now set and save a default zoom level for your map-based searches. This set-up is set within Preferences then System Preferences, then Search Options. Click the link to pull up the map and enter your desired default address. (Default address will also be saved this way.) You can toggle the zoom level using the +/- buttons. Save when desired zoom level is reached. Select the checkbox to enable these custom settings.



2. Enable Map Boundary Zoom to Fit – Another new mapping preference is now available. This is found in the same location (Preferences > System Preferences > Search Options). Click the checkbox to Enable your search results to default to Zoom-to-Fit all results. All listings from your map-based search results will be displayed on the map view.



3. Actions Button on Quick Search – You can now select actions from the top of the Quick Search Widget as well as the bottom. This will improve user experience and minimize scrolling.


4. Leased Statistics Showing in Spreadsheet Search Results — In Rental and Commercial Lease property classes, the Leased status statistics are now showing in the Summary view for spreadsheet search results. The results show in the same fashion as other Summary statistics for Closed property listings, now reflecting the Leased status in the appropriate property classes.


5. CMA Auto-Calculated Adjustments – Within the CMA tool, users can now save Calculated Adjustments that are automatically applied to their comparable properties. Add the feature to adjust and save the value of the adjustment. Once the comparables are selected, you can then add your Auto-Calculated Adjustments and they will be applied to all comparable properties automatically.



6. Set Default Notification Settings for Collaboration Center Contacts – You can now select which updates will trigger an automatic email notification to be sent to your Collaboration Center Contacts. These can be found under Preferences, then Collab Center, then Notification Options. Please note: These changes will affect all new contacts added going forward; existing contact notifications will not be affected.



Paragon Enhancements January 2019

The “State” field under Location in Listing Maintenance has been updated to reflect the 7
states that NEREN services rather than all 50 states. The list is sorted alphabetically, and you can still elect to type in the State abbreviation into this field.

state field service area

“Pinkerton Academy” was added as a High School option to Merrimack County and is available for listings in Hooksett, NH.

Look for many more updates with the Paragon software release in February!

Paragon Enhancements – December 2018

New selections were added to several fields in Listing Maintenance:

1. Within Street Type, now available are:
Overlook, Hill, Run, Spur, Knob, Walk, Glen, and Vista
2. Within SH-Showing Instructions:
Call Alternate Contact, Email Alternate Contact, and Text Alternate Contact
3. Within HT-Heating:
Mini Split
4. Within CO-Cooling:
Mini Split
5. Within EX-Features:
6. Within Lease Term (Rental Class Only):

The 5.68 version of Paragon is now released!

This update includes several new features:

Driving Directions is now powered by Google Maps. When selecting the ‘Get Directions’ button from the driving directions pop-up, a new tab will be opened enabling the user to benefit from all of the Google Maps suite of tools.

DD Dialog BoxGoogleMapsDD

Print+ Driving Directions now feature larger Pins with corresponding Letters on each step of the directions.


Set-up for Collaboration Center is now even easier. For new users enabling it for the first time, their URL will be automatically generated, with no additional set-up needed. Note: Users with existing URLs will not be affected.


The Contact Activity widget on your member dashboard now has several upgrades to better reflect updates from contacts using Collaboration Center and to minimize clicks for agents to view this information quickly. There are 4 tabs available now on the widget:

1. ‘Activity’ – This is for buyers with saved searches within the Collaboration Center. Contacts are ranked based on # of site visits. You can now see at a glance their Favorite, Possible, and Rejected listings. Clicking these ‘bubbles’ will bring you to a spreadsheet view within Paragon to view further details of each listing. Clicking on the contact’s name will open their contact dashboard under the Contacts tab. Clicking their site views will open their Collaboration Center website.


2. ‘Comments’ – This tab will show all unviewed comments from your contacts made from their Collaboration Center website. Clicking the contact name will open a pop up to view the full comment, and a dialog box to reply to the comment. Clicking the MLS # link will open a full detail listing pop-up for that listing.


3. ‘Searches’ – This tab is for client-initiated saved searches. Currently, this is not available in our system. NEREN staff is working with our Paragon vendor to configure this tab, so it is functioning correctly when it is made available. Expect an update on this functionality soon.

4. ‘Sellers’ – This tab is for contacts that have been assigned to listings. When you add a new listing, it will populate in this tab. If it already has been assigned to a seller contact, their name will appear below. If not, a link for ‘Assign to Contact’ will appear, and a dialogue box will pop-up to allow you to assign the listing to an appropriate contact. These listings are sorted by your most active listings first. You can see the activity from your listing maintenance pages, or by clicking the contact name link, which will open up the seller’s view of their Collaboration Center (which shows all of their activity metrics for their listing).


For users who log into on their mobile device, a new “Forgot my password” link has been added to the log-in page. Once you click on this link, you will have to enter your login ID. You will be prompted to answer your three security questions. Once answered, you will receive an email with your temporary password. After logging-in with this new password, you will have to create a new permanent password. This password must be 7-14 characters long using alpha-only characters. Note: The password is NOT case-sensitive.


Paragon Enhancements October 2018

The following enhancements have been made within Paragon during the month of October 2018:

New Distance Measurement Tool on Map Search – A new measuring tool has been added to map-based searches in drawn shapes. This allows quick distance measuring between locations on the map:

Distance Measuring on Map

CMA Manual Adjustments Upgraded – Your saved adjustments on CMA will now include the price value when added to new CMA’s. There are also ‘Copy’ forward and ‘Copy’ backward buttons, so the manual values can be applied to all Comparable properties in the CMA. This also applies to negative values:

CMA Manual Adjustments

CMA Price Analysis – If you include the ‘Comparable Price Analysis’ page on your CMA presentation (found in Step 5), this price analysis value will now default to ‘Average Adjusted Price’:

CMA Price Analysis

Collab Center Mobile Upgrades – Collab Center for clients on mobile devices has had several updates in order to improve navigation and user experience. Agent Information is now within the top-level navigation within the 3-line ‘hamburger’ menu.

Collab Ctr Mobile

In its place, is a 3-tab navigation for clients to cycle between new and saved listings.

Mobile 3 tab navigation

There is also a new set of links within the ‘hamburger’ menu, including moving Buyer Side Activity within the My Listings sub-tab, as well as Seller Side Activity within the Competition sub-tab.

Mobile Buyer Seller

Among other updates, the Request Showing functionality has been adjusted to allow clients to request showings only on the present date or in the future (no past dates). This is found on the blue triangle tab on the bottom of each listing detail page.

Mobile Showing Functionality

Share to Twitter & CollabLink – Similar to our Share to Facebook feature, listing agencies now have the ability to share their own listings to Twitter. This is found within Listing Maintenance in the ‘Select an Action’ menu. There is also a new ‘CollabLink Share’ button, which allows the listing agency to share a direct link to the listing page within Collab Center.

Share Twitter Collablink

Listing Activity Report – This report can now be printed, or emailed as an attached PDF. Activity report can be found in the actions menu within Listing Maintenance.

Listing Activity Report

Paragon Enhancements September 2018

The following changes and enhancements were made in the Paragon system this month:

  • Designated/Appointed Agency is now a required field in Listing Maintenance. This field was added to protect our members who share confidential information on behalf of their clients, and to make sure this information is getting to the correct source for all transactions. Because some of our brokers practice in multiple states, some of their listings could be subject to Designated/Appointed Agency regulations while other listings are not. For this reason, it was not possible to enable a broker/office level switch. This field can be found in listing maintenance at the agent level.
  • 3.5’ was added to the Stories field all property classes.
  • The short description for Price Per Square Foot Finished Above Grade field was changed to ‘$/SqFtFnAG’.
  • As of September 5, 2018, the Co-list Agent field within Paragon now receives 50% credit! This is an optional field within the system.
  • Any previous entry in the Co-list Agent field was moved to a new field called ‘Alternate Contact‘ because this field does not receive credit. This is an optional field within the system.
  • Original List Agent has been removed from the system as this was a legacy InnoVia field. Any listing where it was able to be systematically identified that had a change post-closing, have been updated to reflect the Listing Agent at the time of closing to provide proper credit and to be consistent with how Paragon handles closed listings.
  • Original Selling Agent has been removed from the system so statistical reports will reflect accurately.

If upon reviewing your listings you feel that there is a data inaccuracy, please contact

The *Agent Full and *Customer Full reports have been updated to include several new fields recently approved by the NEREN Board of Directors. These enhancements include:
  • The existing memo field which has been called “Co-List Agent” in the system will be renamed to “Alternate Contact.”
  • A new Co-List Agent field will become available and going forward will provide the ability for Co-List Agents to receive 50% credit on statistical reports together with the List Agent. Use of both of these fields (Alternate Contact and Co-List Agent) is optional.
  • Designated Agency: This field will indicate if an office practices Designated or Appointed Agency.
  • List Team and Sell Team: With the activation of the new team functionality in Paragon, the display of both List Team and Sell Team information is now included.