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Paragon Enhancements – September 2019

The following enhancements were made in the Paragon system this month:

  1. A ‘Lease Term‘ field was added to the Commercial Lease property class with the following selections:
    • 6 Months
    • 12 Months
    • 24 Months
    • 36-60 Months
    • 60+ Months
    • Month to Month
    • Negotiable
    • Other
    • Renewal
  2. An ‘Appraiser Email‘ field has been added to all property classes (except Rental and Commercial Lease classes).
    • Note: This is a non-mandatory field. ‘Appraiser’ and ‘Appraiser Phone’ remain mandatory fields if a ‘Yes’ selection is made in the ‘Appraisal Complete’ field.
  3. The following selections were added to the ‘Street Type‘ field for all property classes:
    • Commons
    • Estates
    • Hills


Paragon Enhancements – August 2019

The following enhancements were made in the Paragon system this month:

Interactive Map Layers – A new tool is available to permanently save shapes on your map search. These interactive layers can be created under your preferences, and once created and saved, will be available under the map search tab in your property search. Toggle these shapes on or off as part of your search criteria. Click the shape to run a search of listings within that shape. Additional criteria can be edited on the criteria tab. If you want to save a neighborhood, a school zone, a municipal zoning, or any other custom shapes, these interactive map layers are a great way to retain these map shapes for ongoing searches. Note: Brokers/Admins can create shapes at the Office level. Agents can create only at the agent level.


Save Options Added to Quick Search – Similar now to full search, the ability to ‘Apply’, ‘Apply/Save’, and ‘Apply/Save As’ have been added to the quick search settings so users can more easily save their preferred searches and criteria.


Session Expiration Notice – A new alert has been added to remind folks at 5 minutes and 2 minutes before a Paragon session will end. A pop-up reminder will appear automatically as the session approaches those times. Note: the user has to update their browser settings to allow Paragon to send them an alert. A browser alert should appear for the user to select ‘Allow’. If not, the user may click the ‘lock’ icon next to the URL on their browser and manually update the setting. If they do not want this setting, they may select ‘Block’. This feature is optimized for Chrome browser, with additional browser support in the future.


Listing Activity Report Extended – The listing activity report has been extended from 120 days to the entire life of the listing. The listing activity report can be found under the ‘select an action’ link next to each listing. This information is also available within Collaboration Center for agents that have linked their seller contact to a listing.


City and State Added to Sales Detail Report – The statistical report called Sales Detail Report now shows City and State within the address field on the results page. Previously, only the street address was shown. Now the city and state details show too.


Adjust Values on in CMA Reports – The ‘base’ adjustment now shows on both the Horizontal Report and Summary of Adjustments reports within the CMA tool. Previously, the adjustments only showed the ‘calculated’ value. Now it shows the adjustment that is being calculated. So for example, if I added a $5k adjustment for a garage space, and the comp has 3 more spaces, it would have only shown a $15k change. Now, it also shows that ‘base’ $5k value, so the print outs now include what was added by the agent when they built the CMA.


A selection of ‘Buy In Fee‘ has been added to all three “Fee Includes” fields in all property classes.

Auto-Populate Solar Panel (Photovoltaics) Data – Vermont and Now Massachusetts!

Are you entering a listing in Vermont or Massachusetts that has Solar Panels to produce electric power, known as Photovoltaics? You can auto-populate this data into your listing within Paragon using the “Tax Autofill” function!

To utilize this process, within Paragon, click on Listings, Add Listing and select the property class. Then click on the “Tax Switcher” to select the State for your listing.

Tax Autofill PV 1

Enter your search criteria, and select “Search”.

Tax Autofill PV 2

This will bring you to a spreadsheet view. If you don’t see fields you would like to review, you can use the Customize – Fields option to add/remove fields from view, and re-order to your liking. “Check” the listing you would like, then click the “Autofill” button.

Tax Autofill PV 3

If you would like to view the Tax Record Report for any of the listings, you can click on the “Tax Id” and it will open up the tax report that looks like this. If this is the property you wish to create a listing with, check the box and then hit “Autofill”.

Tax Autofill PV 3-1

The next step is to verify the fields that you wish to auto-populate into your new listing. By default, any field that has a value is pre-selected to maximize the amount of data populated. Click “Save”.

Tax Autofill PV 4

This takes you into Listing Input within Paragon to complete entry of your listing data. If you expand the “Power Production” container, you will see the data that was auto-populated.

Tax Autofill PV 5





New Default Property Reports on July 9th

We are listening to your feedback about property reports!

On July 9th, new default ‘*Agent Full’ and ‘*Customer Full’ property reports will be enabled for all property classes. The new report layout is available now for you to get acclimated; it is under Reports – Details, and is called ‘*Agent Preview’ and ‘*Customer Preview’ (This ‘Preview’ report will be removed when the other reports become live in Paragon).

If you have changed your default property report to something else, there will be no change for you. If you do utilize the default ‘*Agent Full’ or ‘*Customer Full’ reports as your default, you may notice some differences.

The new default reports will have a new layout – a re-organization of the data to better support long-term updates.

New field additions include:

  • The Power Production fields (to display information about the presence of solar panels or wind turbines)
  • Green Marketing fields
  • Building Verification fields (to display information about a Building Certification) have been added to these default reports due to growing use of these fields and consumer demand for this information.

The data is largely in the same places, they have a very similar visual, and continue to have the same page count.

The current “*Agent Full” and “*Customer Full” reports will still remain in the Reports list, however they will no longer be updated. As with other reports that have been ‘retired’, they will show at the bottom of the Reports Details list as “x-*Agent Full” and “x-*Customer Full”.

Paragon Enhancements May 2019

The following enhancements were made in the Paragon system this month:

The “Utilities” field is now mandatory as of May 29th.

Selections have been added in the following fields:

‘Features – Exterior’ field (Residential, Multi-Family and Rental property classes):
• Porch – Heated
• Poultry Coop
• Stable(s)

‘Features – Interior’ field (Residential and Rental property classes only):
• Laundry – Basement

‘Street Type’ field (all property classes)
• Manor

Paragon Enhancements April 2019

The following changes were made in Paragon this month:

New Tab Structure – Tabs and sub-tabs within Paragon have been updated with a more modern look. The new tabs will correspond to your selected theme with appropriate color schemes. The intent is to clean up the background, minimize distractions of tabs you’re not using, and to highlight the tab that you’re actually using.


New Map Sub-Tab within Search – Within your full search tool, a new ‘Map’ sub-tab has been added to streamline search results on a map view. Now, rather than selecting a separate report, or clicking the mapping field from search criteria that creates a pop-up, you can now seamlessly see your search results on either a map view, or the traditional spreadsheet view. Search terms can be added to either the Criteria sub-tab, or the Map sub-tab, and results will be updated to reflect your specific search.




Please note: Your map results will default to show based on your saved default address (typically, your office location). To adjust these map search defaults, please go to Preferences > System Preferences > Search Options. There are several adjustments you can make to optimize your map viewing experience.


Voice Recognition for Power Search – A brand new microphone tool has been added to Power Search within Paragon. Now, instead of typing a search into power search, you can click the microphone button right within power search and dictate verbally what you’d like to search. Permission needs to be granted by you for the microphone to be used on your device by Paragon. It does NOT record when not in use. Within Chrome, a red recording button will show on the Paragon tab when a recording is happening. Please note: This tool is currently optimized only for Google Chrome Browsers on desktop devices and Apple or Android mobile devices. Future browser support is TBD.


Last Quick Search and Load Saved Search Added to Quick Search – For Quick Search users, upgrades have been made to include some familiar features. You can now easily find the last search you made and add those same criteria again with one click. For searches that you use most frequently, you can also save a quick search with that criteria, and again, can refresh a search of that criteria with one click. Please note: Quick Search is a Multi Class search. When running a full search under Multi Class, you will be able to see your saved quick searches included in those saved multi class searches. This does not function with the other individual property classes.

8 and 910

RatePlug in Collaboration Center – For those of you that use the RatePlug service, a new feature within the Collaboration Center is now available. When a contact is viewing a listing, the ‘Share’ button (a square with arrow pointing out) will direct the user to a set of options. One will now be a RatePlug tool that shows the contact mortgage information about the specific property that they’re viewing.


Paragon Enhancements March 2019

The following changes were made in the Paragon system this month:

  1. ‘Exterior Access’ and ‘Interior Access’ selections were added to the ‘Basement Description’ field for all property classes, excluding Land and Boat Facility.
  2. ‘Dryer – Gas’ selection was added to the ‘Appliances’ field for Residential and Rental property classes. The same selection was added to ‘Unit # Info” field for Multi-Family property class.
  3. ‘Block w/ Skim Coating’ and ‘Stone w/ Skim Coating’ selections were added to ‘Foundation’ field for all property classes, excluding Land and Boat Facility.
  4. The Homebot integration within Paragon is now in place. To learn more about Homebot, click here.