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AUC vs. Pending and Withdrawn vs. Terminated

Active Under Contract vs. Pending and Withdrawn vs. Terminated – What’s the Difference?

Having a good understanding of the differences in some listing status meanings is critical to ensuring your listing reflects the correct status within Paragon based on written authorization from the seller/lessor.

Active Under Contract versus Pending

Both options live in the “Under Contract” bucket within Paragon, as they both indicate an executed P&S Agreement. The only difference is that if you are continuing to show the property then the correct status is “Active Under Contract”. If the property is no longer available to be shown the correct status is “Pending”. Each status can still have contingencies; the only difference is the requirement for it to be available to be shown.

Withdrawn versus Terminated

A Withdrawn listing indicates that a current listing agreement remains in place, however the listing is not being actively marketed in the MLS. A withdrawn listing must always be re-activated under the same MLS number.

A Terminated status means that the seller has been released from the listing agreement prior to the expiration date. A terminated listing must be reactivated under the same MLS number if it becomes active again with the same listing firm within 30 days of termination; otherwise it may be entered as new.

Additional information can be found in the NEREN Rules & Regulations by clicking on the “NEREN Rules & Governing Docs” tile in the NEREN Member Resources section of your Dashboard when logged into nerenmls.com.